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All brand motherboard of Laptop


3 Years



Product Details:

•New DDR4 architecture and new technical solution to reduce power consumption by 30% and improve speed by 1.7 times;
•Point to Point Topology to improve efficiency of data transmission;
•Bank Group to greatly increase the memory speed;
•Write CRC to greatly increase the read/write reliability of data;
•PPR separated programming operation to support on-line correction of address lines;
•FGR refresh and adjustment to reduce refresh latency and improve effective bandwidth;
•Four channels supported to increase performance by 40%;
•High-quality chips and solution selected strictly to provide a stable and reliable storage solution;
•Rigorous PCB material selection and test and 8/10 layers of board to effectively guarantee the transmission integrity of high-speed signals;
•Compatibility with mainstream platforms on the market to provide more choices for customers.


Mobile terminals              Feature devices          Smart devices        Commercial electronics

Quality Control

Brand Materials Testing

Flash Test | PCBboard quality restriction

Industrial standard Production

Automatic SMT | Reflow solidering | Laser detect defective item

Semi-Finished & Finished products Test

Data retention test | Compatibility test | Vabration test | RDT/BIT test | Laser detect defective item

100% Quality Restriction

Strictly QA/QC/FQC/OQC process

Warehouse QC

Spot Check | Sampling Inspection

Some Photos of Production

Flash Chips Testing

Semi-Finished Products QC 

Semi-Finished Products Testing

Finished Products Testing

RDT/BIT Testing

Warehouse QC 

What Flash Brand We Cooperate With

Original Brand Nand Flash With Excellent Controller For Our All Memory Products


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