USB Disk Maintenance Of Life

USB disk rewritable times is the normal life span, generally U-disk MLC particles rewritable more than 10,000 times, while the use of SLC particles U disk life is up to 10 million times.Never in the U disk light flashes when the pull out the flash drive too fast, because then U disk is reading or writing data, half-way pull may cause hardware, data corruption. Do not turn off immediately after the backup documents related to the program, because at that time on the U disk light still flashing, indicating that the program is not completely over, then pull out the U disk, easily affect the backup. So files to flash drive, it should be some time to close the relevant procedures to prevent accidents; the same token, the system prompts “can not stop” and do not easily pull out the U disk, this can also cause data loss. Note that the U disk placed in a dry environment, do not let U Handicap interface, prolonged exposure to air, or likely to cause the surface of metal oxide, reducing the sensitivity of the interface. Do not for a long time without the U disk has been inserted in the USB interface, otherwise the one hand, the interface is easy to cause aging, on the other hand U disk is also a loss.



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