Will TPEC-C interface be the future?

First, the difference between the three types of type-A B C is Type-A (Standard-A), Type-B (Micro-B), and Type-C. Standard Type-A is the most widely used interface standard for computers and electronic accessories, the mouse, U disk, the big one on the data line is the interface, the volume is also the largest; Type-B standard is the main application of 3.5-inch mobile hard disk, printer , Monitors and other equipment, the volume is smaller than the Type-A. And in order to move the convenience of electronic devices, but also the birth of the application of digital cameras on the Mini USB and widely used in smart phones on the Micro USB standard.

The reasons for the popularity of type-c in addition to small and shallow, support for positive and negative plug-in and USB3.1 high transfer rate, an important reason to support the transmission of audio and video signals. The domestic manufacturers music as this is based on the type-c of this feature, select the headphone jack and the charging interface to share, bring more high quality lossless music.

Type-C can realize the thinning of products such as smart phone, tablet and notebook, and integrate the power charging function and data (especially video) transmission function into the same cross-device standard interface, and become the most hopeful Unified USB interface standard. Compared to USB3.0 standard, Type-C performance has a comprehensive leading edge:

1) Type-C openings are small, in line with the trend of intelligent terminal light, and positive and negative plug-in function support will significantly improve the user experience;

2) Type-C transmission speed, up to USB3.0 2 times;

3) Type-C interface size uniform, only a standard size, can improve the unity of the interface between different devices.

In general, although there are some security risks, but type-c portability, strong scalability and other advantages of the traditional micro usb can not match, but I believe that in the next few years the type-c will be comprehensive universal.



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